The Management

Gasela was founded in 2012 by Josef Aschauer to utilise his expertise in Energy, ranging from natural gas to green energy and power logistics. The company is based in Vienna, Austria but provides services to various countries in Europe.

Letter from the Director


Dear visitors,

I am pleased to welcome you to our website.

Gasela has successfully completed its fifth business year since the founding of the company. Together with our customers and partners, we have developed and achieved an impressive number of projects. A few went live and a few have sharpened our business view.

The liberalization process in the European electricity and natural gas markets requires a steady and continuous adaption to new developments and changes.

Traditional business models are put under scrutiny due to new laws, subsidisation of renewable energy and the phasing out of nuclear energy. Entering into the current energy market is more costly for new entrants today than it was in the past. The main drivers are the regulatory framework and market conditions. Traditional supply chains in the Natural Gas market have been removed, as the market mechanism is not asking for long-term arrangements anymore. The development of Natural Gas Spot markets is a key ambition of the European legislation.

In a dynamic environment with regulatory uncertainty, it is difficult to make long-term business decisions. If the policy makers do not take any action, then in the long term this will lead to a deficit in energy supply.

The team of Gasela consist of experts with extensive experience in the European energy market. Together with our partners and customers, we analyse opportunities to operate successfully and risk controlled in this dynamic environment.

Our IT and logistic know-how gives value and support to our customers portfolio as well a cost efficient structure.
We have been able to achieve successful cooperation with several partners, who are geared towards long-term partnerships.

Our core business practice is to reduce transaction costs, minimize the risks and thereby create synergy for all partners involved.

On this note, I would be glad if we can convince you of our services and remain with kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Josef Aschauer.