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Gasela's main business focus is to minimize the overall transaction costs on each operation and reach optimum efficiency through a combination of minimizing operational risk and volatility.  

We bring together energy flows and sources through the advanced techniques of mathematics, physics and IT processing, through this process we have developed a unique understanding of the core advantages in dynamic market environments, resulting in the most efficient energy source and the most cost-effective.

A multi-cultural team of Energy, IT and technical experts work on creating sustainable added value to our customers’ physical energy portfolio on a daily basis. The company is based in Vienna, Austria which its central location allows providing services to various countries in Europe, distance and time-efficient.

Gasela Group has expanded through Europe and Canada being part of Gasela GmbH its subsidiaries EnerSigma based in Canada and Gasela LNG based in Slovakia. 

If you need support in developing new projects and market approaches for the Natural Gas and Power market - then you are right with us!



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