New Markets

Deregulation and restructuring of the natural gas and power industries in many countries has led to the development of new markets that have changed how these industries operate. A growing number of countries are reforming their gas and electricity sectors to increase competition and develop new models of interaction among participants.

As countries have deregulated prices and lowered entry barriers in the natural gas and power industries, many new participants have emerged promoting competition in the newly created markets. The increased competition has benefited everyone through more efficient pricing and greater choice among natural gas and power counterparties.

Entering or developing new markets is easier said than done, requiring careful pre-planning and meticulous research. It's in your company's best interests to have a clear understanding of the way business is carried out in your newly chosen market.

Are you interested in entering or developing a new market? We provide consultancy services and full management programmes to help companies optimize their business in new and emerging markets. With our understanding of local culture and infrastructure, we can provide the necessary resources for successful operation, such as information technology or other technical support packaging.

New Markets

New Markets 1