About Us

Gasela Mediterranean was established in 2012 in Malta as a subsidiary company of the Gasela Group, which is based in Vienna, Austria. The group of companies has many years of experience in the field of energy and logistics and the team is focused on strengthening the value of every stage of the energy process, from production to final consumption.

Gasela offers operation and trading services in the field of Green Energy, Natural Gas and LNG. We provide our clients with the most advanced service at the most competitive prices, opting for a smaller and more efficient team who are trained and experienced in reacting quickly to any market changes that may occur. Our innovative services provide our customers with the support needed to expand their business into various other commodity markets or internationally with an understanding of the risk involved and a strong situational analysis.

The Gasela team understands that today’s commodity environment can be hard to predict and future developments are subject to externally driven variables beyond control such as geopolitical implications, changes in the regulatory framework and changes to energy legislation. These are all leading causes of high volatility within the energy market but through our intelligent risk management, we’ll ensure that your business moves forward safely.

Our mission is to keep transaction costs low and at competitive rates so that our customers are successful in the changing market environment. We also advocate full transparency to keep our customers fully confident of our services.